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1. AMAZING Interactive New York City Map with a startling amount of planning information    Learn more about any address in NYC: lots, owners, tax info.. Click on "camera" to view site from 1924 to 2008.
2. Arthur Avenue: Little Italy in the Bronx    Little Italy, the Bronx
3. Back in the Bronx    
4. Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum    
5. Belmont/Arthur Avenue with Rachel Ray    Little Italy, the Bronx || Surprisingly good recommendations.
6. Bridge and Tunnel Club    A fun photographic series of walks throughout all five boroughs of New York City.
7. Bridges of New York: Dave Frieder, Photographer    A photographer's website documenting the various bridges of New York City. Niice images.
8. BRIDGES OF NEW YORK: Photographer Dave Frieder    Amazing photographs of New York bridges!
9. Bronx County Historical Society    
10. Bronx Museum of the Arts    
11. Bronx Nostalgia Photographs    Great images of historic Bronx!
12. Bronx, History of Rap and Hip Hop    
13. Building Photographs: Search Engine for Historic American Buildings Survey    National Archive of Buildings. Excellent for photographs of historic buildings.
14. Chocolate: New York Chocolate    Chocolate shops and sites throughout New York. Even maps!
15. City Island, The Bronx    
16. Curbed: An Edgy (or maybe "Quirky") Real Estate "Blog"    Diverse and often intersting articles and web-links about New York neighborhoods
17. Faded Signs in New York by Artist/Photographer Frank Jump    A delightful website of historic (hence, faded) painted wall advertising in New York City. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria!!
18. Forgotten New York: New York Neighborhoods    Illustrated tours of New York neighborhoods. Great websites!
19. Forgotten NY    Fantastic series of websites with historic street scenes, neighborhoods, buildings, and oddities. You'll spend hours touring on these sites!
20. Grand Concourse -- The Champs Elysées of the Bronx    
21. History of the New York Transit Museum: Brooklyn, New York + NYC Subway History    This site adresses much of the history of public transportation in NYC. It also includes virtual field trips.
22. HOP STOP: Your New York City Transit Guide    Plots easy routes for going to a desination by using subways, buses, or both. Easy to use.
23. Huntington Free Library - Native American Collections    A remarkable treasure, formerly located in the Bronx until the Library was financially ruined by the Smithsonian Museum. Blessedly, the Library now resides at Cornell University.
24. I Love the Bronx    Includes other excellent links
25. Library of Congress Gottscho-Schleisner Collection of Archtectural Images    Great Images of Works of Various Architects and Designers
26. Manhattan & Bronx Art Deco    A Berkley, California Real Estate website, by someone who really loves New York!
27. Maritime Industry Museum    Maritime History at Fort Schuyler in the Bronx
28. Medieval New York    A wonderful student site that consists of a range of artices about numerous churches, plus Temple Emanu-El, the Woolworth Tower, the Kingsbridge Armory, and many others.
29. Metropolitan Historic Structures Association    
30. New York Botanical Garden    
31. New York City Building Department    A good source of information about individual buildings in all five boroughs. Click on "Certificates of Occupancy" for PDFs of original documents.
32. New York City Subway Art Guide    Great photographic selection of the Arts for Transit projects in the New York City subway system.
33. New York City Website    Research NYC Building Finances (click "Property History"), learn buildings "Block and Lot," or tour Gracie Mansion...It's all here!
34. New York Dynamic: New York History / Baseball History    The website of Tour Guide and Lecturer, Peter Laskowich, who LOVES baseball. For baseball aficionados, please visit this site.
35. New York Heritage Digital Library Collections    More than 160 digital collections from New York State, via libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural institutions.
36. NoshWalks: Culinary Walking Tours with Myra Alperson    Excellent food tours that focus on ethnic neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.
37. Noticing New York Blog Page    A blog page, by a Brooklyn-based Urban Planner, that addresses many New York topics.
38. NYC Municipal Archives    Nice on-line photo gallery in various areas. Great research institution.
39. Our Lady of Mount Carmel    History of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in New York City
40. Pelham Parkway Times    For those who are nostaligic for the "olden days" in the Bronx & Pelham Parkway
41. Penny Postcards from New York    An excellent site with historic images of New York State and New York City sites.
42. Photo Tour of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island    This site is in German, but is very nicely done with a range of images. SCROLL DOWN FOR ALL FIVE BOROUGHS!
43. Photographs of New York Art, Architecture, Holiday Windows, and more    A wonderful website by New Yorker Mark Lentz
44. Piccirilli Brothers Studio    Fantastic website with great images of the works of the Piccirilli Brothers of the Bronx.
45. Place Matters    Places of social and cultural importance in New York City. Not your usual landmarks. Click on "Tours" or "Featured Place of the Week."
46. Property Shark    A web resource that includes an amazing amount of building information. Try free trial to see if you are satisfied.
47. Public Art in the Bronx    An excellent site with lots of tips for teachers and students.
48. Roundabout New York    An interesting blog site that is devoted to New York neighborhoods.
49. Secret New York    Yellow arrows point the way to secrets of the city. This 2005 art project created a repository of unusual places in all five boroughs.
50. Starbuck's in New York City: For the Politically Incorrect    A Description and phot-listing of the various Starbuck's coffee shops in New York City
51. Street Easy    A street finder and real estate tool. Can prove useful for address and location finding.
52. Take a Walk, New York!    A component of the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygienes "Listen to Your Heart" Campaign
53. The City Concealed: an online video series exploring the unseen corners of New York City.    An online video series exploring the unseen corners of New York City.
54. UK Replica Watches, Rolex Replica Watches    A website of replica watches
55. Undercity    Photographs and Commentary with wide-ranging topics from the World's Fair Site to Fort Totten, to the Croton Aqueduct and numerous other topics.
56. Van Cortlandt House Museum    
57. Vintage Diners in Miniature    A varied and wonderful selection!
58. Wave Hill    

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