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1. 1964 New York World's Fair: Wikipedia    A good overall article on the 1964 World's Fair.
2. 1964 World's Fair    Extensive descriptions of 1964 World's Fair
3. 1964 World's Fair at NIGHT    A small, but lovely collection of nighttime images of the 1964 World's Fair
4. 1964 World's Fair: Disney at the 1964-65 World's Fair    A site addressing the Disney connections with the 1964-65 World's Fair
5. 1964-65 New York World's Fair Carousel    History of the Carousel at the 1964-65 World's Fair
6. Abandoned and Little Used NYC Railroad Lines    
7. Abandoned New York City Subway Stations    
8. About Queens    Follow through the various links on this site to learn more about different Queens neighborhoods and events.
9. Alice Austen House Museum    The gingerbread cottage of one of America's first female photographers.
10. American Architectural Survey    Great site! Numerous images, drawings, etc. of historic New York and nationally noted buildings
11. Atlas of New York City    
12. Audrey Munson: Muse, Model, Forgotten, Remembered    A website devoted to the model who posed for the female figure in many of the great Beaux Arts statues in Manhattan. Fascinating!
13. Best of New York City - Web slide-shows about New York food favorites    From pizza and bagels to cheesecake and Chinese food, enjoy these comparative food tours on the web!
14. Bridges of New York: Dave Frieder, Photographer    A photographer's website documenting the various bridges of New York City. Niice images.
15. Brooklyn Daily Eagle from 1841-1902    A digital archive of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle from 1841-1902
16. Brooklyn Genealogy Information    Brooklyn Information: Genealogy, Immigration, Religion, Brooklyn History, Saloons and many other topics
17. Brooklyn Images Classic    This site has numerous Brooklyn photographs to purchase or to simply enjoy!
18. Brooklyn On-Line    Histories and fun
19. Brooklyn Pix.com    A remarkabletreasure trove of historic photographs of a wide range of Brooklyn neighborhoods.
20. Building Style Identification    
21. Captain Bob's Coney Island    An introduction to the rich history of Steeplechase, Luna Park, DreamLand and all the wonderful fantasy surrounding Coney Island.
22. Case Files of the New York Police Department 1800-1915    A New York City history website
23. Central Park Conservancy    walks, maps, pictures and e-cards
24. Central Park Zoo    Images and commentary from Joan Scheier's book about the Central Park Zoo,
25. Chicago World's Fair: World's Columbian Exposition of 1893    Al right! So it's a little odd to note the Chicago World's Fair - but it was very influential in New York City. FABULOUS SITE!
26. Chinatown: A Journey Through Chinatown: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens    Excellent site about Chinatowns in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn with maps and photos. Even a chocolate tour! Intelligent commentary about Five Points.
27. Chocolate: New York Chocolate    Chocolate shops and sites throughout New York. Even maps!
28. Christo and Jean-Claude's Official Website    Extensive website with information about Christo's Gates and numerous other projects.
29. Christo Official Website from NYC    Lots of Valuable Information
30. Chrysler Building Radiator Cap / Imperial Web Pages    Finally! The answer to the Radator Cap story!
31. City Lore (NYC's cultural heritage)    
32. City Revies    A diverse website on numerous topics about New York. Particularly good for individual histories of buildings.
33. Colgate Clock in Jersey City, NJ    History of the Colgate Clock on the New Jersey waterfront
34. Coney Island History Project    Lots of photographs - old and new
35. Early Films of New York: 1898-1906    
36. Faded Signs in New York by Artist/Photographer Frank Jump    A delightful website of historic (hence, faded) painted wall advertising in New York City. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria!!
37. Forgotten NY    Fantastic series of websites with historic street scenes, neighborhoods, buildings, and oddities. You'll spend hours touring on these sites!
38. Former Street Names in Manhattan    Old roads, lanes, alleys, courts, terraces, parks, squares, wharves, piers, slips, markets and other named urban features that have been demapped, obliterated, or renamed.
39. Gargoyles of New York    
40. Germany in New York    A website pertaining to all things German in New York. Constantly changing. A very good site.
41. GLBTQ: "An Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Culture."    Enlightening site, which provides commentary on a wide-range of people including many New Yorkers in the arts, literature, social science and other topics.
42. GRAND CENTRAL PARTNERSHIP    Business Improvement District in Grand Central Neighborhood for whom I conduct a neighborhood tour every Friday.
43. GRAND CENTRAL PARTNERSHIP MIDTOWN TOUR    Tour of Neighborhood of Grand Central Terminal sponsored by Grand Central Partnership.
44. Grand Central Terminal 360 Degrees    360 Degree visual images of Grand Central
45. Harbor Defense Museum    The only army museum in New York City - located in 19th century Fort Hamilton.
46. Harlem: A Walk Aboout Sugar Hill    Site seems odd. Just place the cursor on the arrows and the information will start scrolling.
47. Harlem's 133rd Street Revisited    A delightful revisitation of one of America's greatest musical streets. Well done!
48. Harlem's Jazz Clubs and Live Music Clubs    Good site of modern-day music sites in Harlem.
49. Historic Districts Council    
50. Historic New York Picture Album    
51. Historic Richmond Town    The site of Staten Island's remarkable collection of very historic houses. Like Williamsburg, Virginia - only authentic.
52. History of the New York Transit Museum: Brooklyn, New York + NYC Subway History    This site adresses much of the history of public transportation in NYC. It also includes virtual field trips.
53. Hudson Valley: Illustrated Books and 19th Cent. Domestic Design    
54. Irish Pubs in New York    
55. Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art    Staten Island's noted TIbetan Art Museum
56. James Maher New York Photographs - New and Old    A great series of web articles interspersing historic and new images of major NYC landmarks. Wow!
57. Jewish People and History    A personal website with a wonderful and very personal array of Jewish-related photographs.
58. JOE ZITO: NYC Architecture & Musings by Joe Zito    Delightful articles about all sorts of New York topics! Very enlightening!
59. Judaism 101    
60. Landmarks Preservation Commission    
61. Lewis H. Latimer House    Home of the African American inventor of the carbon filament lightbulb and other major creations.
62. Lower Manhattan Street Names and the Stories They Tell    Excellent listing of Lower Manhattan street names and how they camed to be named. Takes time to download, but is worth the wait.
63. Manhattan Timeformations    Interactive skyscraper modeling
64. Mansions of Manhattan: Historic Photographs    Great photographs of some of the elite mansions of old Manhattan.
65. MAPPING THE AFRICAN AMERICAN PAST [MANHATTAN]    This Columbia University project has created a very informative site, mapping the locations and discussing the histories of numerous historic sites in African American history.
66. Mark Lentz: Roving Rube Galleries    A nice photographic website with lots of great New York Images!!!
67. Medieval New York    A wonderful student site that consists of a range of artices about numerous churches, plus Temple Emanu-El, the Woolworth Tower, the Kingsbridge Armory, and many others.
68. Metronome Clock at Union Square    
69. Metropolitan Historic Structures Association    
70. Morris Canal: Walking the Morris Canal in New Jersey    
71. Museum of Chinese in the Americas    Celebrates the history, heritage, culture, and diverse experiences of people of Chinese descent in the US.
72. New Amsterdam Trail: Free Map and Self-Guided Audio Walking Tour with Russell Shorto    Excellent walking tour map and/or audio tour of Old Dutch New Amsterdam
73. New York City Contemporary Photographs by Galen Singer    These are interesting photographs by a visitor to New York...well conceived and well executed.
74. New York City Genealogy and History    
75. New York City in Black & White Photos: From 1890 on....    Magnificent photographs of old New York
76. New York City Reference    A Nice Compilation of New York Websites
77. New York City Signs from 14th Street to 42nd Street    What a fascinating site! What a remarkable treasure!
78. New York City Subway Art Guide    Great photographic selection of the Arts for Transit projects in the New York City subway system.
79. New York City Subway Map    
80. New York City Subway Tiles: Part One - Guastavino Tiles    Nice site about NYC subway tiles and their makers
81. New York City Subway Tiles: Part Two - Heins and LaFarge    Nice site about NYC subway tiles and their makers
82. New York City Tax Photographs of Buildings    
83. New York Dynamic: New York History / Baseball History    The website of Tour Guide and Lecturer, Peter Laskowich, who LOVES baseball. For baseball aficionados, please visit this site.
84. New York History Info    history, pictures and e-cards too
85. New York Images    New York related art works by a range of artists, both well-known and lesser-known
86. New York Like a Native with Tour Leader Norman Oder    Energetic, eclectic tours of Brooklyn and beyond
87. New York Post Cards from the Past    
88. New York Public Library Photo Archives    
89. New York Public Library: Catalog of Free Digital Images    
90. New York Songlines: A Virtual Walking Tour of Manhattan neighborhoods    A site-map and virtual walking tour guide of Manhattan south of 48th Street
91. New York State Facts for Kids    
92. New York Underground    A photographic journal of sights UNDER the City of New York by author/writier Julia Solis,
93. New York, The Nation's Metropolis    
94. New Yorkled: A Web Events Magazine    New York City 's Parks, Museums, Bridges, Sights, Events and more. Good for NYC Visitors and Residents.
95. New York's Original Subway: Alfred Ely Beach's Pneumatic Transit System    
96. NoshNews: A Food Journal focusing on ethnic foods available in all five boroughs.    Excellent food journal that focus on ethnic neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.
97. NYC Atelier    An incredible printable interactive map series of Greenwich Village and SoHo with art, architecture, restaurants and more.
98. NYC Visitor Discounts    
99. NYCplayground    
100. nylocations.com - Panoramic Views of New York sites    A remarkable array of 360-degree panoramic images of unusual New York City sites.
101. Old Bethpage Village Restoration    
102. Old Streets: A Guide to Former Street Names in Manhattan    A fascinating site that also includes such topics as Gardens, Canals, Ropewalks, and such communities as Harlem, Five Points, Trinity Church Farm, and the Warren Estate.
103. Other Side of the Tracks: NYC Subway Site    Good photos of all subway stations
104. Pelham Parkway Times    For those who are nostaligic for the "olden days" in the Bronx & Pelham Parkway
105. Photographic Walking Tours of Manhattan Neighborhoods    A wide range of photographic walks throughout Manhattan
106. Piccirilli Brothers Studio    Fantastic website with great images of the works of the Piccirilli Brothers of the Bronx.
107. Place Matters    Places of social and cultural importance in New York City. Not your usual landmarks. Click on "Tours" or "Featured Place of the Week."
108. Port of New York: WORLD SHIP SOCIETY    Waterfront histories and images of the New York Port
109. Postcards of the Past from Old New York    
110. Prospect Park Photograph Archives    Impressive historic photographs of Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
111. Pushcart NYC    A great Food Review site for the pushcarts of Manhattan and Queens. May the writers expand their search to the other boroughs, as well!
112. Queens Botanical Gardens    The major botanical gardens in Queens County.
113. Radio WNYC    Test Your WNY-Q quiz
114. Restrooms in New York City    
115. Roads of Metropolitan New York    Road and bridge information
116. Roundabout New York    An interesting blog site that is devoted to New York neighborhoods.
117. Safari 7    A self-guided tour of urban animal life along New York City's No. 7 subway line.
118. Satan's Laundromat    Be certain to click on the ARCHIVES section to the left for thought provoking images of New York City.
119. Save America's Clocks    pictures of National & NYC clocks
120. Scandinavian East Coast Museum    Documents the life and history of Scandinavians who settled on the East Coast of the United States.
121. Shorewalkers    
122. Skyscrapers.com    
123. Slavic Alphabet City: A Walking Tour    
124. Snug Harbor Cultural Center    Staten Island's noted Cultural Complex at historic Sailor's Snug Harbor
125. Starbuck's in New York City: For the Politically Incorrect    A Description and phot-listing of the various Starbuck's coffee shops in New York City
126. Staten Island Botanical Gardens: Chinese, Tuscan and other gardens    Public Gardens at Snug Harbor, Staten Island
127. Steinway Pianos History    A brief history of this world-famous piano company.
128. Streets That Bend: New York City streets built before the "Grid Plan"    A fun photographic sightseeing tour of streets that bend in Manhattan
129. Subway History    
130. Sunshine Theater: A History    From church, to immigrant meeting hall, to boxing venue, to nickelodeon, Yiddish theater, to hardware shop, to graffiti showcase, and an indie-rock playroom to hip movie theater.
131. Taxi Dreams: Facts and Figures about NYC Taxis    Facts and Figures about NYC Taxis
132. Taxicab Fact Book    Everything you ever wanted to know about NYC taxis - and then some!
133. The Schubert Archive    An impressive website sponsored by this remarkable Theatre collection and research library.
134. The Unofficial JFK Airport Anniversary Page    Aviation aficionados will like the photos from JFK's past: Stratocruisers, the Saarinen terminal under construction, and a female air traffic controller in 1948.
135. UK Replica Watches, Rolex Replica Watches    A website of replica watches
136. Walking Tours of Manhattan: Self-Guided    An interesting array of self-guided Manhattan walks with Google Maps and photographs and sometimes explanatory text.
137. Weegee's World of Photographs: International Center for Photography    
138. Weird New Jersey    
139. Why is New York Called "The Big Apple?" - Version 2    
140. Women's City Club of NY    

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