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  Next Stop: Grand Central Terminal!  
“As a bullet train seeks its target, shining rails in every part of our great country are aimed at Grand Central Station, heart of the nation's greatest city…”
—Opening from "Grand Central Station," NBC Radio Blue Network, 1937

Rediscover the history and lore of Grand Central Terminal. Much more complex and vastly grander than any late 20th Century domed super-stadium—this century-old architectural gem continues to provide an elegant, and humane response to an extremely diverse range of agendas. This magnificent French Beaux-Arts structure is the centerpiece of what was once "Terminal City," an impressive aggregate of interconnected hotels and office buildings. Included in the design of Grand Central was the creation of the great boulevard, Park Avenue — which soon became the epitome of chic. Trace the development of Grand Central Terminal and discover how one building can change the world!

Suggested length: 1 - 1 1/2 hours.
Price (at suggested length): $350

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