History & Legends of The Chrysler Building  
Original Chrylser Building Observatory

Chrysler Building Interior

1929 Chrysler Radiator Cap

Chrysler Building

It wasn’t originally conceived to be the Chrysler Building, but that’s only part of this building’s memorable history. Built in 1930 to be the world’s tallest building, the Chrysler Building still reigns, decades later, as a worldwide icon of New York City.

Join us to discover the origins, context and legends of this beloved and revered skyscraper. With its brilliant zig-zag beacon on the skyline, the Chrysler Building is at once grand, eloquent and shamelessly self-promoting - promoting the builder, the architect and, of course, the automobile.

In this architectural travelogue, we’ll trace the Chrysler Building’s crooked paths of history through the byways of Germany, France, Egypt, Manhattan and even Coney Island – resulting in the building’s grand realization at 42nd Street where it stands sentry to Grand Central Terminal. The robust beauty, the architectural swagger, and the audacious bravado of this remarkable building still inspire thousands of visitors today.

Suggested length: 1- 1 1/2 hours.
Price (at suggested length): $350.00

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Margaret Bourke-White

Chrysler Building Entrance

Roadsters on the Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building Elevators

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